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Specialising in Construction, Property and engineering industries.

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Why Use Construction Careers?

  • When all you do is Recruitment, you get very good at it
  • We can save you Time, Cost & Quality in the Recruitment process
  • The only sustainable competitive advantage you have over your competitors is the people you employ
  • It’s highly likely that we have a more suitable candidate for your current or future vacancies

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to provide the highest quality of people in the marketplace. We will provide extended guarantee periods dependent upon salary to ensure that you have security following appointment. We will also provide a post appointment service to include a monthly call/meeting to ensure the successful commencement of the appointee’s career with you.

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Quality Applicants & Service

  • Telephone screening of all applicants
  • First round interview conducted by Construction Careers
  • Shortlist of all applications with resume, interview summary and at least one written reference to be provided at interview stage
  • Feedback to all parties from interview stage through to appointment

The Initial Stage

We need to understand the job vacancy as well as you do, it is essential that time is taken at this stage to ensure that your consultant is fully briefed on the role. The information required will vary slightly depending upon the role but it will include key responsibilities, location, salary package, personal attributes, employment background, qualifications, level of experience, reporting structure, project types any other specialist skills. We can obtain the brief either verbally or face to face, but most importantly, the more detailed the brief the better the chance of success. We will then provide a written report following our initial briefing to advise you on the action plan we recommend which may include:

The Written Job Report

  1. Job/Person
  2. Specification
  3. Database Search
  4. Networking
  5. Internet/Print Advertising
  6. Additional Services
  7. Terms of Business

Our Knowledge of your companies’ background and Goals are vital to facilitate a successful outcome for everyone.

The Selection Stage

Once the report has been completed we will undertake all recommended steps outlined above to ensure the greatest possible chance of attracting suitable applicants. The following actions will ensure quality short listing and that all parties will be fully aware throughout the course of the recruitment process.

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