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Here are some top tips on how to maximize your chance of securing your next career move!

  • The Covering Letter and Resume Preparation
  • Interview Techniques
  • Resignation
  • Counter Offer

The Covering Letter and Resume Preparation

It is essential that you present yourself and your work history in the best possible light and the first impression will be your resume and covering letter. If you can’t get in front of the company then you can’t sell yourself so we have provided a few top tips to help:

The Covering Letter

  • Address the letter to a specific person – Do not put Dear Sir/Madam!
  • Personalise it and gear it towards the company and role you are applying for
  • Make it punchy and get the message across without saying too much, they could be reading hundreds and will not read those which are too long

The Resume

  • Above all make sure the grammar and spelling are correct and that the layout is neat and easy to read and understand
  • Keep the resume brief, no more than Four pages
  • Employment history should be in chronological order
  • Give as much relevant personal information as possible
  • It should be written to reflect the position that you apply for, use their job specification to help you add or trim down information in your resume to make it relevant – Make sure it is true or you will be found out!
  • Any specific achievements you are proud of – A great way to sell yourself
  • Account for all your time – Ensure there are no gaps

Interview Techniques

Interviews can be daunting especially when you have not attended one for a long while; we have provided some basic techniques that we hope will help you along the way.

Prepare Yourself

  • Check the address and plan how you are going to get there on time!
  • Find out about the company – Websites are a wealth of information
  • Read the job description fully and make sure that you can give an example of your experience to cover all possible areas
  • Make sure you know your resume back to front
  • Prepare yourself on potential questions they may ask you in relation to your work history and the role itself and also plan any questions that you wish to ask them – Practice the interview and role play with friends or family as it can uncover something you may not have thought of!

The Interview

  • First Impressions Count! – Dress appropriately, arrive on time, remember to turn your mobile off, be enthusiastic, shake hands firmly, be confident, smile and look them in the eye, don’t smoke before hand as it can be a major negative to some interviewers.
  • During the interview – Expand your answers and take your time. What many people forget, is to let the interviewer speak, it is also their opportunity to sell to you!
  • Have a list of questions to ask to Client at the end of the interview -it shows that you are organised, intuitive and keen
  • Thank the interviewer for their time and let them know that you are interested in the role if they wish to pursue your application


  • Make sure that you have made your decision before you get to this stage as it is not fair on any parties involved if you will still consider options from your current employer
  • Nobody ever enjoys this part of the process and it can be emotionally draining for many people, but try to focus on how you are going to feel afterwards
  • It is always best to write the resignation letter before hand as it can be difficult verbally to convey your reasons behind your decision. Make sure that the letter is not too long and that it is polite and thanks them for their help whilst you have been there. This can always help when you require future references

Counter Offer

Your current employer will obviously not wish to lose you and it is harder for them to employ a new person and train them to replace you. Counter offers are extremely common and it could be very likely that your current employer will try to entice you to stay with more money or a change in role which they may say was already on the cards to make it look better however, you must ask yourself three questions:

  • Why has it taken to get to this stage for them to offer you this increase in remuneration?
  • Why did they not previously mention this change in role?
  • Above all, remember your reasons for looking for a move in the first place!
  • Most people who accept a counter offer will leave the following year anyway as situations rarely change and your reasons for the initial move still remain.

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